Remote work: C# Software Engineer

Remote job position: C# Software Engineer

We are looking for an experienced, C# back-end/server-side software engineer who can demonstrate senior-level proficiency in all of the following areas:

  • Write code according to SOLID principles

  • Write succinct unit & integration tests (TDD)

  • C#

    • async await/task parallel library

    • lambda expressions

    • firm understanding of IEnumerable and yield return

    • data structures & when to use which

  • Core

  • .Net Core

  • Visual Studio 2019

  • RESTful APIs

  • GitHub

  • Micro-service architecture

  • RabbitMQ/Event messaging

  • Relational database design (SQL)

Bonus technical skills include:

  • JWT authentication/authorization

  • Nuget packages (creating & installing)

  • Continual Integration

  • Kanban

  • DevOps (Azure)

  • Docker

  • Sumologic

  • Linux

Character qualities we are looking for:

  • Friendly

  • Follow established team practices with naming conventions & code syntax

  • Someone who can work well even with a minimal amount of direction.

  • See the big picture when implementing features/bug fixes

  • Works well in a small team 

  • Great communication skills

  • Can-do attitude

  • Enjoys working hard and strives to be proud of their work

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