Remote work: Python Developer

Remote job position: Python Developer

This is a remote position for talented Python developers. You'll work directly with Jetcake clients on a variety of projects. You might find yourself building an API from scratch as the only engineer, or coding specific features while working in a team of developers. What will be constant is the ability to do meaningful work with interesting companies.WeĆ¢€™ve built and led product development teams at Hotwire, Expedia, OneKingsLane, Jigsaw (acquired by Salesforce), Lyft, among others. Inspired by our eye-opening experiences hiring remote talent, we started Jetcake to connect Silicon Valley companies with software developers, UX/UI designers, product managers around the globe who want to do impactful work.When you join the Jetcake network, you go through in-depth training to show you the ropes of working with product development teams in Silicon Valley. And then we continue to support your professional success with on-going mentorship from our founders and hands-on classes led by internal or external experts.

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