Remote work: DevOps SRE Lead

Remote job position: DevOps SRE Lead

DevOps/SRE skills

  • Software engineering

  • Systems engineering at scale

  • Software security

  • Infrastructure automation, Infrastructure as Code

  • Networking

  • Cloud infrastructure, micro-services, containers, orchestration, cluster management

  • Availability, performance, latency, monitoring, capacity management

  • Continuous integration & continuous testing

  • Continuous delivery with reliability

  • Chaos engineering

  • Problem solving

  • Collaborative

  • Empathy

  • Customer centric mindset

  • Proactive

DevOps/SRE responsibilities

  • Maintain health of cloud-based production environments through monitoring and typical daily administration duties

  • Manage CDNs, DNS, web servers, and other supporting Internet services

  • Ensure we follow best practices for infrastructure security, reliability, fault tolerance, availability, latency, performance, efficiency, monitoring, emergency response, and capacity planning.

  • Respond to issues identified by alerts and reported incidents

  • Automate operational activities and tasks

  • Infrastructure automation

  • Work with developers to execute software releases, configuration updates, and other release requirements

  • build self-service tools

  • Continuous improvement

  • Automate everything :-)

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