Remote work: Digital Marketing Master

Remote job position: Digital Marketing Master

DescriptionInformation Marketing Overachievers Needed to Help Build a Great Brand**About You**Marketing isn’t just passion to you. It’s a spiritual experience. Your spirits rise when you convince and satisfy clients. You get your kicks from persuading people to believe in the products and services that you’re marketing. You have the ability to empathize with people and understand their needs. You have the vision and knowledge to help create products and services to satisfy those needs. You think like an entrepreneur and not as an employee. Above all, you can never settle and have an insatiable desire to improve.At your present company, you’re the proactive overachiever who feels undervalued at times but goes on anyway. You’re tired of the hierarchy, the authority, the culture, the environment, the way of doing things. You feel like a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in an ocean where you’re unable to make a splash. You’re not exactly looking to switch, but here’s the thing:This job may well prove to be the big break you may not be expecting.**About Us**Simplero is an integrated software platform for coaches to transform lives at scale. Coaching is a fast-growing industry that has already crossed $1B in revenue. Our goal is to become the market leaders in coaching software by making it simpler for coaches to conduct their business.On average, a typical coach uses at least ten different apps to set up and market their business. They need software to build their website, manage their contacts, send marketing emails, create online courses, sell digital products, and more. With Simplero, they can do it all within one seamless and coach-friendly platform.We believe that simplicity in business leads to more freedom and impact. We’re on a mission to empower others to do the best work of their lives, including our team members.**You and Us**If we find each other to be a good fit, you’ll be responsible for doing what you do best—marketing information products. Discover more about our audience and their audience. Recognize their needs and problems. Visualize and craft new solutions or create new offers based on existing solutions. Get your message across using the best channels. Solve problems in an innovative and efficient way and have fun the whole time.We’ll put the resources behind your back and provide you all the support you need. We’ll team you up with developers, designers, trainers, copywriters, media buyers, project managers, and arrange anything else you require. You’ll need to take charge and lead from the front while being humble, hungry, and smart.We’d like you to join us if you think you have the talent, the energy, and the grit to do the job well. We have a great product and a great team. We need you to complete the picture and help create a great brand. We want you to grow with us and achieve everything you ever aspired for as a marketer and an entrepreneur.Interested? Get in touch now!

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