Remote work: PHP developer forremote position

Remote job position: PHP developer forremote position

REALPAD is a sales management software for real estate developers. We are on a mission to make selling and buying apartments an enjoyable experience. We’re serving almost 40 developers in 11 countries. Our products are built to last and perform. We are a small and agile dev team of three people who love clean code, clear communication and great challenges. Looking for a colleague and friend to join us!Our approach:* Our assignments describe the changes required in high-level allowing for freedom in the implementation. No step-by-step specifications without a space to breathe.* We have a sysadmin but at the same time understand the whole technology stack and prefer to do a lot of devops ourselves.* We tend to be a bit conservative with adopting flashy new technologies — it’s been working fine for us so far.* Our work is organized in an agile way without overly adhering to some methodology.

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