Remote work: Senior Software Engineer - Frontend

Remote job position: Senior Software Engineer - Frontend

## About AthenianAt Athenian, we are helping development teams get end to end visibility into how software is being delivered and where a team’s bottlenecks are. We do this by delivering metrics and insights from the data sources such as tickets (Jira), git hosting providers (Github, Bitbucket, etc), CI tools (Github checks, Travis, etc.) and source-code itself.We are an early-stage company, founded in December 2019, that is launching its product in February. We are a team of 11 who are entirely remote across 5 countries. We have raised money to give us 2 years of runway and are looking to build a sustainable and profitable company that grows by focusing on its users and customers, not by raising more venture capital.## About the roleAs a Senior Software Frontend Engineer at an early stage of the company you’ll be expected to have a big impact in shaping the product.You will have the opportunity to work alongside our world-class product managers and engineers to design, build, and iterate on our web application from the very beginning.You’ll be expected to contribute to frontend engineering and user experience decisions. We are developers building a product for other developers and we build our product with a sense of pride and ownership.You’ll be in an environment where you are in constant collaboration with product and engineering to understand requirements and discuss new ideas.### Engineering at AthenianWe're currently a team of 6, consisting of a team lead and 5 world-class Senior Engineers, each with a diverse area of expertise ranging from Language Analysis and System Architecture to Machine Learning on Code and modern APIs.We collaborate with each other on a daily basis and we value each contribution and idea. We foster good collaboration through transparency and good communication, and we believe that teamwork is key to move fast and be successful.## Requirements### Essential:* Strong frontend coding skills (JavaScript + ReactJS)* Strong experience with Web Standards (HTML5, CSS3)* Experience with building dashboards and using charting libraries* Interested in creating beautiful UI/UX with careful attention to the end-user perspective* Deep knowledge of the frontend ecosystem (Webpack, etc.)* Ability to build and improve a REST/JSON API client* Ability to write high-performant, clean and reusable code for UI components* Experience with testing frameworks### Nice to have:* Experience with d3.js* Experience with continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) environment* Experience with WebSockets or any other API for live-updates* Understanding of what happens on the other side of an API call* Experience with remote working* Experience with working on a SaaS product* Experience with working in a dynamic start-up environment### Personal:Independent, goal-oriented, self-motivated, but with a strong team-spiritFluent (not required to be native) in English, written and spokenProactive attitude## Benefits* Stock Option Plan* Paid Time Off* Work From Home* Flexible Schedule* Company-sponsored Events## CultureWe are a fully remote company. At the moment, we are 11 people from 5 different countries working closely together in a fully-distributed way. Currently, we have remote team members in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Estonia and the USA.We put a lot of value into feedback, no matter if it comes from our CEO, a customer, the Product Manager or Junior Engineer because we know that the best ideas can come from anywhere.We believe in open-source, and radical transparency (which reflects in our goal to make all of our processes and documentation open to the world).Flexible hours, set your own schedule that fits you.

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