Remote work: Customer Success Manager

Remote job position: Customer Success Manager

We’re expanding our team and are looking for a remote Customer Success manager to take charge of customer support, onboarding processes, and documentation.[Service Provider Pro]( is an e-commerce platform helping digital marketing agencies sell millions of dollars in services every month. We’re a small and highly effective remote team – you’ll be working closely with the founder to define a role where you can do the best work of your career.# Benefits of this roleHere’s why this is a great job.* You’ll play a huge role in this company. This isn’t a support role where you’re mindlessly closing tickets all day. You’ll have the opportunity to have a big impact on product, marketing, and most importantly – our customer’s businesses.* You'll work remotely. Work from anywhere and enjoy the benefits of setting your own schedule – whether you want to hit the gym after lunch, or go to a movie while everyone else is at work, it’s up to you.* You’ll work a 40-hour week. You’re not expected to do the startup grind and put in extra hours. We’re in this for the long run, and this is a results driven job anyways.* You'll get the tools you need. We’ll buy the tools and software for your job.* You get 4 weeks of paid vacation. This is a full time position with 28 days of vacation.* You get a learning and fitness allowance. We’ll pay for books, courses and programs to help you get better at what you do.# The ideal candidateWe’re open to hiring candidates with different backgrounds, experiences, and skills. If you’re talented, self-sufficient, and ambitious you might be a great fit regardless of experience.There are some attributes that are guaranteed to make you awesome at this:* You’re a self starter, you like to set your own direction and run with it. You don’t need constant check-ins to get things done.* You’re good at expressing ideas in clear and concise writing. The tone of our company is very personal, being able to write simply is a must.* You’re tech savvy. You’re able to quickly learn new software and figure out problems as they arise.* You’re reliable. This is a remote position and nobody is going to look over your shoulder. Show up when you say you will, do what you say you’ll do.* Finally, you’re proactive about moving the company forward. When you notice areas for improvement you take the initiative to create change.

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