Remote work: Software Engineer (Full Stack)

Remote job position: Software Engineer (Full Stack)

Full Time – RemoteSalary: £50,000 - £60,000 (GBP)Applications close on: 8th of June# The ideal candidate- You enjoy working and shipping independently- You've built and deployed something on the web (send us a link? 😇)- You care about the product as well as the code- You are curious and take initiative to explore new things- You have excellent verbal and written communication skills- You enjoy picking up new skills and learning new technologies- If you don't have any "formal" professional experience working as a software engineer, you've worked on a product (or built a side project) that had users# Responsibilities- Write, review, deploy, and maintain code in mostly Python (back end) and HTML/CSS/JavaScript (front end)- Take ownership of parts of the codebase- Document the systems you help build, monitor, and maintain- Coordinate with the rest of the team on prioritising feature requests and bugs- Evaluate and recommend solutions to guide team decision making- Improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes- Debug production issues and implement fixes for them## You Might Work On- New features in the Simple Poll Slack app- Performance improvements to make Simple Poll faster- An entirely new product (We regularly explore new products!)- Improving reliability of the Simple Poll app, which could for example entail setting up a new Datadog dashboard- Work with a designer to build a new page in our frontend and then implement that page based on their design- Something completely different! As an early stage company, we tend to be pretty "all hands on deck" when something comes up that we need to get done# Pay and benefits- This is a fully remote, full time (40 hours per week) position. You can choose your own hours as long as you have at least 4 hours of overlap with London (from 8am - 6pm)- The salary is £50,000 - £60,000 (GBP) per year- We'll buy you a new Macbook Pro and any other tools you need to do your best work- 30 days of holiday a year (including local national holidays), and you're encouraged to take all of it. You're also free to take additional time off for any other reasonable reasons, for example if you're sick (of course!) but also if you need to spend an afternoon taking care of something personal.- Sustainable and healthy working matters to us. We care about building delightful products for our customers, not hitting arbitrary daily hour counts.- We are a UK based company, so if you are also based on the UK we will hire you as a full time employee.If you are not based in the UK, then this position will be permanent and full time in spirit, but a contract role on paper. The reason for this is that employment outside of the UK comes with significant challenges for a small company like ours. In that case, this means that this role doesn't include certain benefits like a retirement plan/pension.# About usWe are a fairly early stage company! Currently there are two of us working on Simple Poll full time:- Charles (who is in charge of Sales, Marketing, Business Development, and Compliance)- Wilhelm (me! I mostly spend my time writing code and doing all the many other things that need to get done)We're a profitable, bootstrapped company (no external investment) and very much plan to stay that way!Background on Simple Poll (our main product):- Simple Poll is one of [the most popular apps on Slack]( Wilhelm created Simple Poll in early 2016 to improve his own workflow when working in Slack. Started as a side project and then grew up to be a proper company!- Over the course of a year, Simple Poll has millions of users (and you will be able to directly impact their experience!)## Our principles*Inspired (often straight up copied) by the [Zen of GitHub]( and the [Zen of Python]( is better than implicitSimple is better than complexFavor focus over featuresAnything added dilutes everything elseMind your words, they are importantCraft the details, they matterShip early and oftenNever miss an opportunity to delightBuild for the long termUse what you build with prideCreate lasting value for customersMistakes are possible when moving fastEmpower with courtesy and empathy## Our tech stack- Python + Django- PostgresQL- Heroku- Amazon Web Services- GitHub- HTML + Tailwind CSS- Vanilla JavaScript- Datadog, Zoom, Gmail, Google Calendar, G Suite, Slack, Notion- Our own products!# Practicals of the roleType: Full TimeReport to: CEO (Wilhelm)Location: Remote – anywhere where you have significant (4h) timezone overlap with the UK (during the hours of 8am-6pm)Start date: As soon as possibleSalary: £50,000 - £60,000 (GBP)# How to apply[Apply via this form]( excited to review your application!Poll illustration[Original job description](

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